Final Cut Pro X Offers Great New Features

The video editing software from Apple, Final Cut Pro X, did not receive a warm welcome from the users when it was first launched in the year 2011. However, since then there has been numerous changes done to this video editing software by Apple after taking into account feedback from users and finding out what additional features can be added to it in order make this software more appealing to the users. The addition has been done to Final Cut Pro 7 version and the latest version of this video editing software is 10.2.3 and it sure has numerous additional features that are worth mentioning.
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The 10.2.3 version of the software is called Final Cut Pro X and it has 4K export facility meant for Apple devices which include iPad Pro, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and even the latest Apple TV. The videos created by this software can be shared on YouTube and not only for a single account but also for multiple accounts. This is great news for those users who have multiple YouTube accounts for various purposes and thus, a particular type of video can be uploaded for an account specific to that type of video channel on YouTube.
Users who are the owners of Canon C300 MkIIare also going to be pleased since Final Cut Pro X now has a new feature which supports the Canon’s XF-AVC video format. Through this compatibility feature users will be able to directly edit the videos which have been captured by this camera with the help of this video editing software. Apart from this feature, there are also smaller enhancements which have been done to the features of this camera. One of these features is the assignment of keyboard shortcuts for both audio and video effects.

Apart from numerous bug fixes in the software, there is also another new feature of the opening of the libraries stored on an SAN. Additional applications like Motion and Compressor have been updated in this video editing software and support for the same on numerous Apple devices. Along with this Final Cut Pro X also allows you to edit media instantly with the help of instant rendering feature which is similar to the features present in iMovie. People detection and magnetic timeline are other features which are present in this updated and enhanced video editing software. You are also going to get auto image stabilization as well.
All these enhanced features and bug fixes for Final Cut Pro X video software has certainly stabilized the software and has made it attractive for the users. Finding the perfect video editing software to make personalized changes and professional editing is difficult to find and it looks like this video editing software from Apple has certainly made the cut. However, as already mentioned when this software came out in the year 2011 it was not received well since there were numerous issues with it. The latest version, 10.2.3, is surely a great enhancement to the original version of the software and is surely worth the price.

The New Improved Version of Final Cut Pro X Offers Great New Features